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Ibis Massage & Body Work - Peter Leonard, LMT

is located at 640 Congress St. Portland ME.

      Ibis Massage and Body Work offers specialized muscular massage therapy. My passion and objective is to treat each client with care and respect while providing an integrative treatment so they may align physically, let go of stress, and encourage the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

      What you can expect during your first 60 or 90 minute session: A discussion of certain problem areas, range of motion assessment, and developing a treatment plan for YOU!  In addition, I will share the Ibis philosophy and fundamentals.

      Life is balance. Along with massage and bodywork, I have a high regard for healthy exercise and nutrition as these habits are essential to the healing process.

      Massage and Bodywork is supportive to a healthy and active lifestyle due to its detoxifying, toning, and regenerative results. 

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Peter Leonard, LMT

Peter Leonard, LMT






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